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Q. What are the advantages of an air door?
A. Air doors are advantageous in marine aplpication because they can stand up to the heat, vibration, and salt air they are constantly exposed to. Electric systems are especially sensitive to this environment and have complex circuit boards that are costly to repair and replace.

Q. Will installing the First Mate door system on my boat increase the value?
We reccomend you consult your broker on this, in cases we are familiar with, the answer is yes.

Can the door be operated any other way besides a push button?
A. The First Mate system is quite flexible. We have modified our basic system in the past to operate with motion sensors, photo sensors, pressure pads on the floor, kick plates, floor buttons, and even keyless remote. The design makes modification possibilities seemingly endless.

Q. Can a system be installed on any boat?
We have installed systems on everything from a 38' sportfisher to a 175' Mega Yacht. A large sailing yacht has been our biggest challenge but to date we have not found any door we could not safely automate for greater safety and pleasure.

Q. I have an air door that is constantly in need of repair. What can you do for me?
We regularly repair "other" systems but can only guaruntee that it works when we leave. The design of "other" systems limit their reliability. We can modify your existing system with our "Man-O-War" retrofit and provide a two year warantee on the control panel.

Q. What if I just want to prevent the door from slamming?
A safe alternative to automation is our door check. These are used by a few manufaturers as standard safety equipment when the door is not automated. They are highly reliable, maintenance free and adjustable.

Q. What kind of warantee comes with your system?
We provide the leading warantee in the industry. Two years parts and labor from the "in service" date. Additionally we provide lifetime technical support.

Q. I have a double door. What can you do for me?
We regularly syncronize double doors and install our reliable "Door Mate" system on them.

Q. I have a swinging door. Do you have any help for me?
Yes, as of fall 2008 we now have a system that will safely open and close your swinging door.

Q. I have children and pets, is it safe for them?
Yes, we have a patent on our unique system that includes all the safety features needed for children and pets.

Q. How noisy is the system?
The compressor is quieter than the A/C units on the boat (under 40db) and is generally placed in the engine room. The only sound audible to the user is the exhuasting of air when the door is used.